Not another year in review…

First off, I have to say wow, I am so glad the holidays are finally over. It seems like as soon as the holiday season hit this ugly, ultrabright storm of whoosh hit. Gladly, it all went by in a blur. But at the same time, I got so little accomplished. The last beer brewed was the American wheat, the week before Christmas. So now we find ourselves at two weeks without new beers working.

The nice part of this situation is we are now starting again at ground zero. The beery future is before us and we can move on gladly accepting the opportunities to enjoy new brews of our own as well as from others we meet along our journey.

I am finally catching back up on my blog reading. One thing I noticed is it seems that the end of the old year and the start of the new one means that people want to do nothing but reflect on all that happened in the past. I say lets skip all that crap. Lets leave the past behind us and focus on the pints in front of us now (and don’t forget the ones we have coming up).

Recently I sampled the ESB that was fermented with the Irish ale yeast. The one thing I will say about it, its interesting. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about it. The flavor is so not what I was used to in an ESB. Instead of the malt and hop flavors that would normally be expected, you are hit upfront with yeast derived flavors that tend to be more subdued in a darker malty beer (like an Irish stout or even an Irish red). After your taste buds become accustomed to the beer you find it is much more complex than a typical ESB might be. The flavor profile, I think, would definately challenge many who are not quite ready for this style of beer.

The Northern English brown will be set for conditioning soon. I find myself getting ready to play the rotation game with extra kegs that I currently do not have the room for. I can imagine that most people wish they had my problems … too much beer and not enough time to drink it in.

I am getting ready for the first beer of 2011. This weekend will be the birth of Dunkleweizen again. Of course, winter seems the right time for darker beers. I will be following the dunkle with a wheat bock. Again another nice dark malty beer. Some nice beers to keep us warm while the weather plays its normal winter tricks on us.

With that said, I think its time I go find a pint. I think I might have to check out the ESB again. It definately needs some more time to ponder…

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