Northern English Brown

Yep, its brew night. So far I have kegged both the Kolsch and the Emo IPA, and transferred the Pub Ale to secondary. And now it is time for the Brown. Actually, I am coming to the blog a little slower than normal tonight. I have the brown working with the wort chiller right now so that I might be able to pitch some yeast and get some sleep sometime tonight.

I will say I really like the look of the wort for this one. I find myself in a stasis moment currently. I have at least 4 beers now that are in various stages but not a single one of them is ready for drinking. Mind you I do have beers to drink but still, I am like a kid in a candy store with a Nun looking over me with a ruler ready to smack my hand if I touch anything.

The samples on both the IPA and the Kolsch yesterday were tasty. I will be setting up the new conditioning area for them tomorrow (or today depending on how you read a clock). Its interesting to note that out of six kegs I only have one that is empty currently. I probably should bottle the cider soon so I can free up the keg space.

Looking into the rest of this year (wow, we are close to the end already aren’t we), I do believe that the American Wheat will be the last beer I brew this year. With Christmas falling on a Saturday this year I really don’t see myself brewing then. Just too much stuff going on around the holiday. Mind you, I can very well see myself brewing on New Years day. I think the Dunkelweizen is going to be the perfect beer to brew that day.

Well, its time for another pint… go find your own.

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