Repeal day…

I know, its come and gone. But this isn’t necessarily about repeal day. So why did I headline this post with that simple two word statement? Actually, I find my current readings revolving around Prohibition sorta. I am in the middle of the book “History of Beer in America” by Bill Yenne. Good book, great historical pictures, a worthy read if you can find it.

The section I am digging my way through currently, feels like I am reading someones family tree. (Seth begot Sorba who wed Taro and beget Platius). Ya, something like that. Mergers and brewery births abound. It is interesting to see which breweries that existed before prohibition survived and flourished after repeal.

A couple interesting facts stemming from US beer history…

Adolphus Busch actually owned two different breweries. We all know the one in St. Louis. The other was Lone Star brewery, opened in 1884 in Texas. Although, this one closed with Prohibition.

Mississipi never had a commercial brewery till the era of the craft beer revolution.

Many of the original East Coast breweries carried names reminiscent of Europe. Many West Coast breweries carried names reminiscent of the East Coast.

If it hadn’t been for the Chicago fire, Schlitz and Strohs might never have made “Milwauke Famous.”

Enough for now … lets find a pint

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