Pub ale begins

Oddly, I have been working in the brewery most of the day today and I haven’t had anything to drink yet. Well, I did sample the IPA when I transferred it. Its quite nice so far. I feel so educated, I am actually checking how well my yeast attenuates to see that it performed as it should now. Going into secondary the IPA has a bit more body than I expected but when I compare my yeast attenuation to what I should expect from the yeast I can see that it is still within expected parameters. I also checked my brew sheets and found that I set myself up to have a little body on this brew. It wasn’t really anything different than what I have done in the past. But now I have a bigger picture of how everything inter-relates (isn’t science fun).

So far today I have transferred the IPA and kegged the cider. I am now working on the Pub Ale. I started using some crystal malt in my batches again. Not in all of them, only in some beers where I find it appropriate. The IPA was one of the first to get some crystal recently. If nothing else it helps to bring some body into the beer. I am also using a bit of crystal in the Pub Ale. The last time I brewed it the body was not near enough to what I want it to be. I am hoping that this change will help to make it a bit fuller. I also changed it from a special bitter to an ESB (extra special bitter). Basically I made it a bigger beer. I am thinking I should end up around 5.5 to 6% alcohol when it is done. Just as the last time I brewed it, the beer is single hopped again. I find I really like fuggles for this beer.

I am thinking that coming up next month I will be adding a Saison to the brew schedule. It has been on my mind for several days now. I plan to bottle it in champaign bottles and naturally carbonate. It seems so long ago that I used natural carbonation in bottling. I may do some other Belgian styles around the same time. I am not sure yet how I will handle those when it comes time to finish them.

I just realized that the bottle of Murphy’s wheat I put in the freezer to chill and drink has been in there long enough to freeze. The power of the Murphy’s I guess. And on that note its time to find some semblance of a beer cause I am moving on to wort boil time.

Let’s go find a pint…

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