Upcoming brews…

Again it seems that my schedule is getting fuller and fuller. It has come to a point where I am now scheduling my weekly brew session essentially a month in advance.

After some deliberation the schedule sits like this…
Pub ale this weekend. It is to remain as a single hop ESB currently but I haven’t decided yet if I will switch out the yeast to either Irish ale yeast or London ale yeast.

This of course will tie in to the beer next week. Northern English Brown ale. I should use a yeast that will works well for both beers. I may do some searching on the White Labs site to see what might work well with both.

The American wheat will be showing up in the third week out. This one will work well no matter what yeast I choose for the other two.

And finally we come to the fourth week out. I will be brewing the Dunkleweizen here. With the snow that Michigan is now getting it, we are definately coming into the right time for a nice dark wheat. Of course, I am also considering a wheat bock to follow the Dunkle so I already have some plans flowing out even further.

The joy of all of this of course is always trying to figure out how to have enough space for them all. Does this mean I need to drink more?

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