Time for the Irish Rye

The Irish Rye turned out pretty tasty. I do think I prefer the effect of the Irish yeast on it much better than the English ale yeast. I think the Irish allows a slight bit more diacytal than the English. It tends to make it a bit creamier in my view. In this iteration it is a bit cleaner tasting though. Either way, I still find this to be one of my most enjoyable beers to drink.

I transferred the Kolsch tonight. One advantage of Michigan at this time of year is it isn’t quite freezing out yet but its still pretty cold. I am able to allow the kolsch to lager for a few weeks in my garage. At least that is my hope. So far the flavor is interesting. In a way like the steam beers I have made in the past it has a slightly estery lager flavor profile. I am anxious to see how the lagering time affects this. Alcohol wise it finished out at roughly 4.5%. Not too bad. It actually feremented down a bit farther than I thought it would. When it is finally down I think it will be slightly dry with a mellow hop profile. Having never used Perle hops before I like the affect they bring to the brew. This should be a flavorful but easy drinking kolsch when it is finally ready.

I will be kegging the Oatmeal stout on Saturday. I am looking forward to this one. I was quite happy with the last tasting of it. I am pretty sure it should carry quite well once it is carbed up.

On that note I will also be brewing EMO Ipa tomorrow. As always it will be a monster. High hops profile but still balanced with a fairly large alcohol bite. I had considered knocking the grain bill down to leave me at about 5.5% alcohol. But I think I follow the original plan and keep it roughly around 7%. Fairly big beer with a nice amount of hops.

And now, as always, its time for a pint. Enjoy the pint you have in front of you.

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