Don’t believe the hype…

I noticed something today that struck as “Wow, thats stupid”. There is a bag of potatoes sitting on my kitchen counter right now. Its waiting patiently for Thursday when it will be turned into mashers for Thanksgiving dinner with my family and my parents. (Bear with me there is a point in here somewhere). Written on the bag was a side logo with the words “great for cooking”. Now to me this begs the question, what else will you do with them? I mean you could make a potato clock or possibly power a low wattage light bulb. But seriously, wouldn’t you think the reason you bought the potatoes was to cook them in one way shape or form?

Now the point of this whole thought process, what does this have to do with beer? You had to know I would make a parallel in there somehow. Isn’t the purpose of beer to drink it and find some form of enjoyment in the drinking? I can hear you saying so many other things that beer can “do.” My favorite is “Beer, making white guys dance since 1885 (notice the date is really irrelevant)” Honestly, does drinking really make you that much more attractive? To some add campaigns thats how you get the hot bikini models. The reality is, unless you drink it none of this is going to happen.

So, my question of the day is, if the purpose of the beverage is to drink it, why do we need the rest of the hype? Are we really so mindless that we will allow clever ads tell us what we want?

Anyway, lets go get a pint…

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