Today’s brew day

Busy day, well it seems they all are lately. Earlier today I kegged the Irish Rye. It will be rough but I am now patiently waiting for this one to be ready.

I have now begun work on Magic 8 Ball. I did a few changes to the original recipe. The biggest change was to swap out a pound of my main malt for a pound of flaked oats. I also added a little bit more roasted malt and even a bit of black roasted malt. The changes were minor but the finished beer may end up just a touch bigger than the original recipe (roughly 1% bigger). This may not seem like much but for what it is, its bigger than I intended the beer to be. Of course the only person this will ever bother is me. So the beer is around 5% alcohol when done, in the grand scheme is it important? Of course, I have standards I like to meet. Call me sick and demented. The nice thing is I consider this a tester batch so once I see how it turns out I will be making adjustments on future batches.

My brew schedule is changing a bit. Instead of roughly every other week, I will be maintaining a schedule of every week. This means my free time has slipped to almost nothing now. Not too big a deal, I’d rather be brewing anyway. I picked up another propane tank today in preparation of how much I’m going to be going through soon. Probably a wise choice.

Next week I will either be brewing up a kolsch or I will hit the Emo IPA again. Either way they both are on the docket of beers that will be brewed within the next few weeks or so.

And on that note lets toast to the present beer in the kettle and to the future beers that will grace our kegs…

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