Brewery day

People tell me I can’t count it as being busy since I am doing stuff I want to do. But really, it would seem my Saturdays have now turned into brewery days. Today I will be moving both the cider and the Irish Rye to secondary. I also have bottling to catch up on. Its like the work never ends. (Mind you I usually end up having a pint or two while I am doing all this).

I checked the cider earlier to see if I would need to hit it with stronger yeast. Nicely, it is done. It finished out around 11.5 to 12%. Keep in mind though that is only the first part of its journey. Its next step will be to spend some time in secondary and then its final rest in the bottle. In the end I am saying that it still won’t be ready till next October. The alcohol maybe good but the flavor needs a decent amount of time to mellow and become the cider I know it can be.

As always, the nice part of how quick most beers go, I will have something to enjoy while waiting for the cider to finish. The Irish Rye will go to secondary today and then next week will be going to keg to condition. It will only be a few more weeks before it is on tap and bottled and ready to go.

Next week I will be brewing Magic 8 Ball again. I think I might have mentioned this before. I am changing the recipe slightly by adding a bit of oats to it. This should increase the creaminess of the finished beer.

I will be bottling some Tequila Sunset and Fraoch today as well. I keep meaning to completely bottle the Murphey’s wheat but I am just so unreluctant to drink it since I have much better beer available right now. I probably should just bottle it and let it age more, it might improve the flavor. (the key to almost everything in the brewery… let it age, time can adjust many flavors).

Time to work … I am thinking Tequila Sunset today

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