Tequila Sunset…

I am now putting to use the new cobra tap I picked up recently. The kegerator is now a three tap (although I do have to open the door for the third tap). Currently I have Tequila Sunset on the cobra handle. Comparing and contrasting this beer with its prerunner (Murphey’s wheat), I will say I am much happier with this one. Murphey’s only claim to fame at this point is that it does contain alcohol. Otherwise it is less than mediocre. I may just bottle it all and use it solely for cooking, cause it is almost painful to drink.

On the other hand, Tequila Sunset has made a decent showing. I am picking up definate Tequila notes. Appearance wise it is incredibly cloudy (just what I wanted from a good wheat). The color is almost perfect, an orangish-brown like a nice autumn sunset. The head leaves a bit to be desired. Its color is white to slightly off white but disappears fairly quickly. Mind you there is a bit of whispish head that persists till the end of the glass with very nice lacing.

The flavor does show through with tequila notes but it doesn’t have that feeling of drinking a shot like it did when I first took it to secondary. Actually, it comes through as a nice easy drinker. I almost feel like the Tequila is a quiet sleeper that creeps up on you. Those flavor notes are in the background, biding their time till they can spring on you.

In the end I really like it. I am not sure how it might perform in competition if I decide to take it that way. But I do feel I would be happy to pay for a pint or two of it if it was something on tap somewhere.

Now, its time for me to get back to another pint or two… I gotta empty that keg of Murphey’s somehow…

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