Irish Rye

In just a little bit I will brew the Irish Rye again. This will be the third brewing of this beer. I’ll probably be working on it into the wee hours of the night while children run around the neighborhood in an early trick or treat frenzy. I won’t be making any real changes for the recipe of this brewing. Mostly I want to see just how closely repeatable it is on my current system.

I am considering brewing Magic 8 Ball again on my next brew day. I am planning on changing the recipe slightly on this one. I will be adding some oats to give it a bit more creaminess. At the same time I will most likely be lowering a different part of the malt bill so I can keep the gravity down a bit. I still don’t want this one going much over 4% alcohol.

I am also working on how my bottle gun attaches to the CO2 lines. The new set up is about 1/2 the size of what I originally designed. I feel so much like an engineer now (gah, save me). The nice part is I won’t have to remove the gun’s CO2 hookup from the line now. It has its own shut off valve so all I have to deal with on bottling day is the gun itself and then a quick reattachment to the line.

Yesterday I picked up a picnic tap so now I can pour from all three kegs in the kegerator. It doesn’t look as nice as having a third tap on the front of the kegerator would but it is much easier to deal with. This also makes it much easier to check keg carbonation. Instead of dirtying main lines I can pour from the line that is easiest to clean.

Not too long ago I found a chest freezer at the salvation army (and it works) that I am considering picking up to turn into my next kegerator (imagine 5 or 6 taps total in my house … wow I could be a bar in my own right). If I manage to get it, I will be converting it into a fermentation unit first and foremost. It will be a nice expansion that not only lets me control fermentation temps a little better but also I will be able to use it to do lagers. I am a pretty big fan of bocks and dopplebocks. I will also be able to do a nice kolsch (honestly, I could go on about this all day… the possibilities are almost endless).

At this time I should sign off I have beer to drink (I mean work to do)…

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