The good news… Last years cider is finally ready. The bad news… this years cider won’t be ready till next year.

So I finally got this years cider underway. It only took me about a week from the time I picked up the cider from Gull Meadow Farms. I went a slightly different direction this year in the recipe formulation. Instead of 2 pounds of brown sugar I used 2 pounds of demerrara sugar. Upon opening the bag I noticed that the smells coming from the demerrara were much more pronounced than what you might find in the heavily processed brown sugar. So my thinking is that this cider will end up with a stronger flavor profile. But I noticed a slight loss in apparent extract. When I took my gravity reading my original gravity showed up around 1.071. This is a bit lower than what I have gotten in the past.

It would seem that the less refined sugar isn’t as readily absorbed into the must as refined brown sugar. The gravity reading may be off a bit because of this. But in the end it should still end up with a decent amount of alcohol and bunches of flavor.

Looking into the upcoming brews, I am thinking that Irish Rye will be coming up soon. I made a list of the beers I will be working to refine and make sparkle earlier tonight. Irish Rye made the top of the list, it seems a nice beer to enjoy in the fall. I am not sure if it will have any recipe changes. Right now I am looking more into process changes. I will be more inclined to make recipe decisions as I get closer to actual brew date (probably within the next two weeks).

And now I have been without beer for far too long today… I bid you adieu. Its time for a pint.

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