Tequila Wheat

I finally got this one done on Sunday. Well, at least my part of the work anyway. The yeast have been happily working away for the past few days. I ended up bumping up the amount of wheat a little bit but taking the maris otter down a little. In the end I used the same amount of total grain. My hope is that the wheatiness will come out a bit more. The oddness for the brew was the pound and a half of agave nectar that was added during the last few minutes of the boil.

The flavor of the wort was not what I expected. It was definately different than what wort alone tastes like. Of course, this is always the hard part, wait and see what nature brings us.

This was the first brew using the newly renovated mash tun. I was quite pleased with how the sparge went. It was probably the best sparge I have ever gotten with this mash tun. I am anxious to see how it goes with what ever the next beer on the docket might be.

As always the brewery is still filled with projects for improvements. I have been looking into what I will need to rebuild my CO2 regulator. I do know it can be done its just a matter of finding the right parts. The one Home brew supply mail order company I found that has the parts I need is way too expensive. I spent some time talking to one of my friends over at Bell’s shop and I should have some info coming from the company they purchase their regulators from. Hopefully if I go through Bell’s to order it I might be able to get at least a little bit of a discount.

And on that note its time to find what ever pint is in store for us…

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