Southern Tier Pumking

I made a pilgramage up to Siciliano’s today to drop off a couple beers for the contest Son of Brewzilla (out of Cincinatti (gah did I even spell that right?)). While there I did a little touch of shopping. This time of year is one of the rare times where I make a special point to buy beers from other breweries. Fall beers include both Oktoberfest and pumkin beers. Although I am not a fan of pumkin pie spiced beers, I do love beers that use pumkin as an ingredient.

Currently I am enjoying the Southern Tier Pumking. They have a special knack for creating brews that capture the flavors of desserts it would seem. I have really loved their Creme Brulee stout in the past. Now I feel like I am drinking a piece of pumkin pie. I seriously feel like I need a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete this experience. Maybe even drizzle it with a bit of caramel. Of course they also added a bit of a story onto the bottle itself. That is always something that will sucker me in. At 9% it suprisingly doesn’t have a huge alcohol bite. But at the same time it is a bit filling. I may not have been eating that pie but I sure have been drinking it.

I did a bit of a sample on the Froach today as well. I don’t think it is as ready as I want it to be just yet. But flavor wise I am quite happy with it. In a few days I will do a sampler write up on it.

In other news…

I picked up copper tubing today to expand the functionality of my wort chiller. I fashioned another coil that will not sit in a pan of ice water to increase the chilling factor of my older chiller.

I have been looking into doing some work on my CO2 regulator. I will be expanding it so that I will be able to set my conditioning tank at a different pressure than my serving tanks. I am thinking that I will have to buy another single regulator and piece the two together. Worst case scenario, I am hoping that I won’t have to buy one already built (that takes all the fun out of me playing with high pressure stuff).

I have had the feeling lately that everything is in need of change or repair at the same time in the brewery. It all started with the breakdown of my mash tun and has now blossomed into so many other areas. I even had issues with my CO2 earlier this week as well. Normally a tank lasts me between three to six months, depending on how much I am brewing and pushing the system. My last tank lasted less than 2 weeks (can we say massive leakage). Tracking down the problem it appears that it was due to operator error(I had a plastic piece turned the wrong way), but still it was quite annoying.

Of course it may also be the time of year. I think that this time of year has become the time when I do most of my maintenence work and expansion work. Hopefully soon I will be working on the tower system.

With that said… Its time for some more samples…

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