Ren Fair results…

We made the pilgramage to the Michigan Ren Fair today to attend the awards ceremony for their brew contest. Aside from making a couple wrong turns on the great Michigan highway system, we made it all the way to Holly fairly unscathed. Thankfully, the day was quite nice; not a single drop of rain all day. The bad part was, it had rained the past couple days. In keeping with old world styles there was not a single paved sidewalk anywhere on the festival grounds. Our shoes are now covered in mud.

We caught a few shows while wandering around and waiting for the awards ceremony to begin. I still think we might have felt a bit more of the fun of it if we had gone in costume (first time at the fair in a few years so none of us are really ready for it).

Now for the contest results. I did not do as well as I would have liked but I did do decently. No medals but Magic 8 Ball did score an honorable mention. I was also happy with its scoring (38 out of 50). My scores are improving and I am learning quite a bit as I go.

So, I look to the future from here… I have possibly one more contest (that I currently know of) this year. I have the two beers I want to enter into this one (will be doing the drop off next week). And now it is time to start planning the beers I will be working on for next year. I think my goal for this next year will be to work toward honing the little things so that I can improve my craft. I feel at this point I can throw together a pretty solid recipe (for the most part), now it is time to improve the little things of technique so that the finished beer is close to perfect.

Now, lets find ourselves a pint in contemplation of the future…

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