I spent a good portion of my time last night doing maintenence on the mash tun. Or course after Monday’s fiasco it would seem that it was well needed. A good portion of the time was spent going back and forth to Lowes to pick up parts (2 trips in total). But in the end I actually have the valve portion of the mash tun pretty much the way I originally envisioned it. It is more stable now.

Something very important I learned in all this… I do rather enjoy going to Lowes instead of Menards when I am working on brewing equipment. The people at Lowes are much more willing to think outside the box for plumbing solutions. If I had brought the entire mash tun with me I would easily have finished the fix in much less time and with only one trip. I think now the next change that might happen to the mash tun will be to switch around where I have parts of the manifold permanently assembled.

I am now debating on if I want to try again this coming weekend to brew the wheat I originally intended. All I need to pick up is some specialty grains and new hops. The Murphy’s wheat (named for Murphy’s law) seems to be fermenting nicely. It is always possible that it won’t be a completely wasted brew. But of course, that remains to be seen. At the very least I will have a beer to cook hot dogs with.

Now then, my pint is gone, its time for bed…

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