Contests and happy dances

So far this summer has been pretty busy (I say this as we come to the end of it). Seems like I have found at least one contest a month to drop beers off for. Today I did the drop off for the Michigan Ren Fair home brew contest. Sadly, I missed it last year. I like the idea of this contest cause it gives me an excuse to go to the ren fair (instead of the simple fact that I really am just that geeky). I plan to make it to the award ceremony for this contest in the middle of September. Its a great excuse to dress up in chainmail and carry weapons and try to get samples of great beer.

Now for happy dances…

So, one of the drop off points for the Ren Fair contest is at Siciliano’s Market in Grand Rapids. Of course this is the closest drop off point for me (only an hour away). The advantage of this is, Siciliano’s does not mail out score sheets for their contest. You have to go to the store to get your sheets (if you do not make it to their awards ceremony). This would be a point of major annoyance to me if they were not a drop off point for so many other contests that happen in Michigan.

This means that it is usually a month or two (maybe a couple more) before I finally find out how my beer did in their contest. It through me off today when I scooped up my sheets today and then the guy who found them for me also pulled out a medal to go with them. It would appear that my dunkleweizen did well enough to earn itself a bronze (of course only a half point away from qualifying for silver). I will say this, picking up a medal for your beer is such an amazing feeling. Ya, I feel I have gained a brief moment to pat myself on the back.

And with all that said, its time to get back to work. The Bitters is now on tap. The heather ale will be going into conditioning in a few more days. And I believe I will be brewing up an agave wheat around the end of this week. I haven’t worked out the details just yet for the recipe of the agave. Its one I just have a bit of an idea worked out in my head. I do believe that I have a name for it already, but I won’t know for sure till its actually brewed.

Its now time for a pint.


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