Current readings and other thoughts…

There is a couple books that I have taken up at this time. The first is “Radical Brewing” by Randy Mosher. I love this book, this is my second time through. The brewing knowledge that Mosher brings to the table is phenominal. When you are looking to expand upon your brewing skills this is a must read book. Wow, I am almost at a loss for words when I want to talk about the different parts of the book that have had an impact on me. I will say that, his description of the birth of civilisation is one I use when I talk about the birth of brewing. Honestly, it would have to take something as great as beer to stop us from heading the call of the open road.

The next book was a lucky find. I stopped in to Barnes and Noble today and went through the booze section looking for something that might pique my interest. Usually, all I can find there are either books I already have or ones that do not have enough value for where I am skill wise (most of the books are built around beginner levels and extract recipes). What I did find though made me quite happy. They had a single copy of “Brewing with Wheat” by Stan Hieronymus. Now I could have gotten this book online quite easily before now. But really, its much more satisfying when you find it through a search and conquer quest.

Stan has an engaging writing style that I find enjoyable. Aside from his book “Brew like a Monk” I have become a semi regular reader of his blog. Already I am barely into the first chapter I am getting ideas for wheat beers that I will be brewing in the near future.

Both Mosher and Hieronymus share one thing in common. They don’t spoon feed you recipes. They give you the information you need to build your own recipes. To me this is the most important part of brewing. Whether the final beer is good or bad, I want to know that the beer I have created comes from me. This is also why I pushed myself to move from extract brewing to all grain brewing as fast as I could. I want to know that I have as much control as possible in what it is I brew. Mind you, if it was feasible for me to grow my own barley and hops I would be looking to do that too. I so need more time for the things I want to do, instead of the things I have to do.

Speaking of things I want to do… I want a pint.


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