Use the force luke…

I have noticed a trend lately and I find it a little disconcerting. Not only do we have a division of elitist and beer lovers in everyday imbibers, but now with the growth of the cicerone program we find people who have a license for snobbery. For me, this is not necessarily an issue with the program itself, I do intend to follow the path and attain cicerone status. I firmly believe that we need people who know a bit to guide consumer choices.

Way back when, we only had a few beer choices and even then those were solely a different version of pretty much the same thing. Now there are so many different styles available and so many different interpretations of those styles it can make your head spin. Sometimes we need our very own beery Yoda to guide us along the path of light.

Yes, I am going there. When we look at the cosmic forces of those who might guide us along our beer experience, we find there is a light side and a dark side of the force. We must use our powers solely for good. Wisdom and understanding are the powers of the light side of the ciserone. When you attack someone because they don’t like the beers you do or heaven forbid they use the wrong glassware to drink their frothy bliss, you have embraced the darkside.

Of course, this analogy now makes me sound so much like a geek (if I haven’t already accomplished this before now).

I think its time for a pint…

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