Not sure where this post is going…

I have begun to see a few aspects of my computer life coming together (oddly, the Beatles “Come Together” is playing in the background). While I am doing blog work I like to have music playing in the background. Its the same when I brew as well. Music has always been part of my inspiration. Where was I going with this? … Oh ya, I have noticed on Pandora that it ties in with people I have on my friends list on Facebook; its been showing me which of my friends like the song that is currently playing. Its kinda cool but at the same time its a little creepy. Its like technology is stalking people whether I want to stalk them or not.

Back to an earlier thought. I have stated in a previous post that Irish punk is the music I prefer to brew by. This brings to mind some thoughts on music. As I said inspiration is very music centric for me. I tend to have different music for different aspects of my life. Brewing is Irish punk without a doubt. When I am in the gym I am all about hard core Metal (Slayer is awesome for a power lifting routine). When I am working in the kitchen its more of what I refuse to listen to than what style is fitting. The list currently consists of Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Jack Johnson, and Daisy May. Each in turn is all great to listen to in the proper setting, but the kitchen is not the place for them.

This brings me to the music I prefer when I write. It would seem rather odd considering some of the music I mentioned earlier, but I have always been more inclined to listen to female jazz singers when I write. One of the best will always be Diana Krall. I have also grown to love listening to Rene Olstead as well. I have a station on (through the Xbox) that I can play for hours that is nothing but female jazz vocalists. Its a great station when I want to spend a while doing nothing but writing.

Now after several paragraphs that have nothing to do with why I sat down to write this evening…

I actually noticed something while sifting through various pages on facebook. For those of us who have chosen to make alcohol in one of its varied forms a part of our professional life, if you don’t have pictures of booze in any form in your pictures, some thing is amiss. Its a funny thought too. For most people, pictures of varied drunken states can be a career killer. In the beverage industry you kinda expect to see such pictures.

Some of my favorites are wine industry pics where those present are laughing and shown enjoying themselves. It helps to kill the stuffy and “serious” image that most of us have had for most of our lives. Personally, we should remember that alcohol is a spice of life. It is something that adds zest and flavor to our “responsible” good time.

With that said, its time for a pint.

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