Music to brew by…

Personally I find Irish drinking music (basically anything from Flogging Molly or Drop Kick Murpheys) to be the best stuff to have playing while I am brewing. Probably doesn’t help that I am a few beers into the brew day while I am listening to them. Basically they keep me revved up and going.

Aside from brewing the American wheat tonight (still in the process of that) I also sampled a cider and an amber lager. The cider came from (Fox Barrel )out of Colfax California. The cider I tasted from them was their pear cider. Flavor wise it was quite good, strong pear with a cider finish. I was slightly disappointed to find that instead of a perry like I imagined it was simply a cider flavored with pear extract. Mind you, it is very sessionable at only 4.5% alcohol.

I also had a Red Vixen from Horny Goat Brewing out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. As ambers go, it was actually pretty good. I would not trade it for my preferred Irish Red ales. But it I wouldn’t complain if someone handed me one at a party. As far as red lagers go, it was much better than a Killian’s.

Okies… Just sampled the dry irish stout. I am quite pleased. I am anxious to see how this one ends up fully carbed. Currently, warm and flat I am very happy with it. Its almost like I remember Guiness used to be. I am so getting ready to do some Irish Car Bombs soon. It should finish out around 5.5% alcohol, very respectable for a simple stout. I only wish I had a nitro tap now for the kegerator.

The wheat is getting closer to hitting the yeast. At this point I am only about 40 minutes away from cool down time. The worst part about the starting brew time being later than normal is finish time is way later than normal. Its almost 2 in the morning and I have at least another 2 hours left in the brew day. I guess its time for more beer.

Find a pint cause I know I am about to.

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