Ah, summer time…

With the realization that my supply of dunkelweizen is almost gone (now down to 2 left), I find it is high time to bring forth a summery wheat beer. Considering wheats are Joanna’s favorites, I can’t go on without at least one kind in the aging room.

I am delving a little into the American wheat style for this one. Some nice citrussy/grapefruit American hops for flavor, as well as some sweet and bitter orange peel. This should end up as a nice refreshing summer beer when its done.

Its interesting to note that I am now finding myself following at least somewhat of a seasonal schedule for the beers I brew. I am subject to seasonal conditions in the aging room anyway, so it makes sense. Even with the airconditioner running my basement runs up to about 68 degrees. Mind you this is great for ales but it also means I can’t make my cheater lagers at all during the summer. Even with California Common yeast, I would end up with far too many fruity esters for any lager styles. This is also why I have a nice amount of the dopplebock set aside in bottles. I will have these bottles for the winter months when I am brewing/fermenting the next batch.

Looking ahead, I should probably plan out a barleywine soon. Something that will age for a good long time, so I will have winter warmers to work with. There really is nothing better than a nice beer that warms your toes while the snow falls. Its also time to start planning out this years mead as well. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to make this year. I am also considering doing two different batches. One batch will be the blending batch (cyzor and a pear melomel). The other will be an oak aged mead. Joanna fell in love with the oak aged wild flower mead from B.Nektar Meadery that we sampled at the W.E.B. Like a good husband I do what I’m told (mind you I am getting good booze out of the deal).

Projects coming up…
Just thinking of all the stuff I have in mind, I am thinking it is coming time to add in a second kegerator. I have been mulling over the plans of this one for some time now (at least as long as the first one has existed). The new one will be in a chest freezer with a four tap tower. The fun part… not everyone has a 6 tap draught system in their basement. Can we say spoiled… nah … I just love to have some variety. The new system (when it is finally built) will also house my bottling system and lagering system. I will have much better possibilities for more varieties of beer.

Such dreams beers are drunk too… let’s grab a pint or two…

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