Don’t Tread no Me


(Stepping on a soap box) I have run across some rants put out by other bloggers lately. These rants are following a buzz that I am also getting from people in the beer community. And I honestly find it a little troubling.

I fear that the term “craft beer” may be soon taking on the same connotations as the term “foodie” or “vinophile”. There seems to be a certain snobbery associated with craft beer now. Its actually kinda sad. We should be embracing all manner of suds in our quests to find the ultimate pint. Think about it, its a rarity to find someone who hasn’t at one time or another sampled the fizzy yellow water put out by the big three (well more like two, two and a half, depending on the merger of the week). Often these beers do have a place, they are light and refreshing, great beers for quaffing when you are doing yard work. Sure there are others in the “craft” segment that work out equally as well, but not everyone is at that place yet.

The thought here is; there is no such thing as a bad beer. There are simply beers that you personally may not enjoy. Beer, like wine, is one of those things that we all grow in to. I remember a time in my life when I could enjoy Boon’s Farm. Am I ashamed of that, no. Am I afraid that someone will think less of me because of it, not at all. I say don’t judge lest ye be judged as well.

I would like to direct our angst at the those who truely deserve it. Don’t hate the beer (Its been makin white guys dance for thousands of years), hate the companies that have turned it into a commodity. We all know who these companies are. When you have multi million dollar add campaigns that literally tell you nothing of the product itself, we all must know that there is something wrong. Ya, beer may be helping me dance but it sure as heck isn’t making me more attractive to the hotty sitting across the bar (but oddly she sure is getting hotter the more I drink).

Something I remember reading that I found pretty good advice though; learn who it is that really owns that brand you are so smitten with. If you so choose not to support one of the biggies, learn what beers they actually produce and don’t consume them. When you start talking about the big one (Budbev or any combo there of) realize that their empire is huge. What you might think is some quaint little micro brew, might actually be a one off from one of the super groups.

(steps off the soap box)

Oh ya, and don’t take any wooden nickles. And don’t eat spinach with a stranger…

Time for a pint…

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